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We analyze and verify the best technological resources to get the fullest advantage of its functions.

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Digital Transformation

We offer guidence through the diagnosis process, Improvement of your firm, or entrepreneurship. We lead you to get strategies, metodology, and technology improvements that will help you to reach a digital transformation of your organization, and we’ll be there for you through the process.

Sección de Mantenimiento de equipos
Msp Managed Service Provider

We offer leading of workstations, printers, servers, surveillance cameras with facial recognition and artificial intelligence. We manage workstations and servers, quarterly, semi-annualy and annualy.

Information security

Our experts give their customers guidance on computer security solutions tailored to their needs and budgets. With our strategic partner Kaspersky, we offer calm and efficient management to our customers.

CRM & Ecommerce

We execute methodologies and technological platforms aimed at improving the marketing efficiency of your products and services supported on the Internet; We automate your sales processes and improve the monitoring of opportunities and customer service.

Web development

We help you achieve a correct presence on the Internet. We design your web portal, basic or specialized, focused on achieving the impact that your niche requires. We make modern, creative designs, easy to use and adapted to new trends and devices.

Educación en línea
Technologic education

In the current environment, there is a boost in digital platforms thanks to the ease and diffusion of new technologies, which make it possible to bring friendlier and more valuable content to students and educational centers. We promote the development of a platform in which the latest technology tools can be implemented.

Optimization of Technological Resources

The idea of promoting information technology is focused on external customers as well as technological process of a company. Based on it, you can ensure sustained growth over time. Information technology (IT) services must generate added charge for any business, whether it is to enhance their processes, automate tasks, manage resources and more. This can be achieved by optimizing these services from a business perspective, it provides better cost and risk management, support for business innovation, more competitive positions in the market, among other benefits. These are some of the strategies to achieve the desired optimization:

  • IBM’s holistic approach 
  • Distribution of services in tools
  • Generation of flexible environments 
  • Automation 
The best laptop of 2019

Dell XPS 13 

Considering that last year’s model was excellent, it is not surprising that for the 2019 Dell XPS 13 the company has opted rather for making small improvements and not for presenting a total renewal of the laptop.
Even without having innovated too much, this Dell laptop is still one of the best 13-inch models you can buy today. It is not surprising, because the XPS range always occupies the first positions on this list.

Our Partners

Always side by side to the best on the market.

Marca Microsoft

We have the best business tools Office 365, Azure, Windows, Windows Server and others. We provide our clients with the best formal and non-formal communication, hybrid storage, planners and collaboration solutions.

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Marca Power BI

Power BI is a business analysis service that provides detailed information to enable fast and informed decision making. Unprecedented business intelligence. From data to knowledge in minutes, any data, in any way, anywhere and in a single view.

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Kaspersky is one of the largest private cybersecurity companies in the world, because it has a presence in 200 countries and territories, and we have 35 offices in 30 countries. More than 4,000 highly qualified specialists work at Kaspersky.

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The most recognized brand in access and surveillance products in LATAM and Ecuador. We offer solutions with flexible management and multi-environment features.

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Marca Shortcuts

The best comprehensive management tool developed specifically for beauty centers, hairdressers and SPA centers. Control agendas, boxes, commissions, services, products and much more. 

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Marca Google Cloud Platform

One of the best technology solutions that integrates MKT, formal and non-formal communication and working together. With endless additional tools that facilitate the performance of your organization.

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Marca Amazon Web Services

Secure storage solution with international certifications and guaranteed performance. AWS delivers tailored plans in solutions and costs.

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Marca Bitrix24

The best CRM-based solutions software, because it gives your sales team control, alerts, calendar, products, services and keep statistics in real time of the budget reached.

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Marca Linkedin

If your company offers high-value products and services in a B2B scheme, Linkedin offers a CRM tool based on generating relationships with decision-makers in organizations that require your services.

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Marca Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps you make the most of your social networks. This is because you can find potential customers to provide care to those you already have. Facilitates the search, programming, management and analysis of your content on social networks.

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Marca Casengo

Customer service software that helps your team support your customers through email, chat, Facebook Messenger, and more. Powerful features that help you answer customer questions faster and better.

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Marca Zoho

Zoho Desk is a powerful technical support platform. It has all the necessary tools to drive the customer service processes of any company. At the same time, it improves reporting and agent productivity.

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